Conditions and Symptoms

Some common things parents bring their babies to a chiropractor for are:

  • breastfeeding difficulties,
  • torticollis
  • ear infections,
  • headaches,
  • neck, back and leg pain.

All of these indicate specific problems your child may be having that Dr. Young is trained to evaluate and care for. These conditions are often seen as symptoms such as:

  • colic,
  • fussiness,
  • nursing on only one side
  • the hair on the back of the head being worn off irregularly.

My Pediatric story

When Dr. Young’s first son was born they were faced with several newborn issues she commonly treats. The main one was difficulties nursing that she discovered were related to him having tongue-tie. Since then she has spent countless hours researching and learning all she can about this issue and now lectures on the topic to help other providers identify tongue-tie early on to help families increase breastfeeding success rates.