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I’m Dr. Jessie Young.

I have a different approach than the typical chiropractor because of my training and expertise with pediatrics. I often work closely with a family’s other providers, including other chiropractors, during the course of their care.

I focus on treating specific conditions in a focused way for a short period of time, in contrast to many chiropractic offices that provide primarily ongoing wellness care over long periods of time when there are no symptoms or problems.

Co-managing the needs of new/growing families with other health care providers is one of my favorite things about practicing.

Working closely with Family Physicians, OBGYNs, and Midwives allows me to help with pregnancy-related issues like pelvic, back, neck, wrist pain, and headaches. As well as postpartum issues musculoskeletal pain and post-partum rehabilitation from difficult births, c-sections, or diastasis.

In addition, I work closely with Lactation Consultants for complicated breastfeeding cases that do not respond to standard approaches alone. Often these problems are caused by musculoskeletal issues that prevent proper latch and suck like jaw, tongue, neck, and cranial asymmetries. I also work closely with Pediatric Dentists and other providers doing pre/post surgical care for tongue/lip tie.

Pediatricians across the South Sound refer infants to me for co-management of musculoskeletal issues that contribute to symptoms like torticollis, colic, reflux, and constipation in infants. 

Older children are commonly referred for back pain and headaches that are most often the effects of accidents or injuries.


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