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Payment Policies

We ask that all payments and co-insurance be paid on the date of service and we accept all major credit cards.


Insurance and Billing

In-network with Regence
Out-of-network with all other insurance

For out-of-network benefits, the full payment is due at the time of service for each visit, and you will be provided with the necessary paperwork to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Reimbursement rates vary by plan so please check with your specific insurance company prior to your first visit, but many plans do offer out-of-network benefits. If you would like assistance in checking out-of-network benefits, please notify us 48 hours before your appointment.

There are discounts available for Medicaid and Military families. Dr. Young is always willing to accommodate payment plans or sliding scales for families that need it. She believes no one should be denied care based on their insurance company’s misunderstandings about infant chiropractic care and she does all she can to make sure everyone can get access. Let her know how she can help and she will find a way.

frequently asked questions

Is chiropractic care safe for children?

YES! Safety is one of the most common concerns about pediatric chiropractic care. The safety profile for chiropractic in children appears to be similar to that in adults, which makes it one of the safest methods of treatment. Most side effects are mild and self-limiting such as muscle soreness. There are some case reports of extremely rare adverse events, but usually, the adverse event is related to underlying pathology that was not properly diagnosed or providers that have not modified their techniques. In fact, for any given condition, chiropractic has a better safety profile than a regularly prescribed or over the counter medication for the same problem.
Read more about safety of manual therapy for children here.

How do you adjust a baby?

Very carefully and with caution, skill and creativity! Pediatric care is MUCH different than adult care. There is much less pressure required and often the children are in different positions than adults when they receive their adjustments. For example babies are often nursing, sleeping, or in the parents lap during the exam and treatment. The process is fun and accommodating depending on the family’s needs. Dr. Young often plays games, sings or dances with her patients to make the visit as fun and easy as possible. In addition to Dr. Young’s gentle touch, she also incorporates nutrition and exercise where appropriate to maximize results.  The best thing about pediatric care is being able to make such a huge impact in a families daily life so quickly. Dr. Young incorporates many different manual therapy modalities not just adjustments. These include soft tissue work including craniosacral and cranial work and therapeutic exercises (for breast/bottle feeding issues, pre-post frenectomy care, torticollis and cranial asymmetries)

How many visits will it take?

Children respond very quickly to care. Dr. Young’s visit average is 3. Within the first visit she is able to know if chiropractic care is a good option for the child and parents can expect to see changes immediately within the first visit. In just a visit or two patients no longer have daily pain or headaches or their baby is able to eat/gain weight/sleeping/pooping/playing... it’s such a quick life-changing thing! 

Dr. Young has a very different approach than typical chiropractors and often works closely with a family’s other providers, including other chiropractors, during the course of their care.  She focuses on treating specific conditions in a focused way for a short period of time, in contrast to many chiropractic offices that provide primarily ongoing wellness care over long periods of time when there are no symptoms or problems.

your first visit

Here's what you can expect on your first visit to Young Spines


Step 1 - Schedule

  • Check insurance benefits or contact the office 48 hours before initial visit to check for you.
  • Schedule an initial visit online.
  • Fill out online intake forms and questionnaires.
  • Dr. Young also begins preparing for your first visit by reviewing any reports from referring providers.

Step 2 - Check in

  • Check-in at the Vibrant Health waiting room


Step 3 - Appointment

  • Expect to spend 50 minutes with Dr. Young on your first visit for a thorough history and exam. 

  • Dr. Young discusses all the findings and treatment options.

  • If care is appropriate it will be provided on the FIRST visit. Feeding babies during their treatment is helpful but not necessary

  • Dr. Young will send your providers a summary and any necessary updates with your permission after the visit.